California VOAD Information Management System

Cal VOAD IMSThe California VOAD Information Management System (Cal VOAD IMS) is an integrated suite of easy-to-use tools that enable local VOADs to efficiently gather and share timely information about needs and resources in order to optimize the delivery of services to people who have been affected by disasters.

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4 Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Register

2. Learn

3. Update your profile

You will receive an email message with your sign-in credentials once your registration is approved. You can then:

  • Sign in to the Live Version.
  • Click People > Manage Your Information > Update Your Profile and update it as needed to make sure it is accurate and complete.

4. Get your VOAD started

If you are an officer or administrator for your local VOAD:

  • Make plans with your colleagues to implement the Cal VOAD IMS.
  • Send a link to this page to the members of your VOAD and invite them to get started.

If you are not an officer or administrator of your local VOAD:

  • Encourage your local VOAD leadership to implement the Cal VOAD IMS.
  • Send a link to this page to your VOAD leadership team and invite them to get started.

Key Features

  • Online Disaster Resource Directory. Provides secure, online access to information about service providers in your area, including up-to-date contact information and their disaster-related services.
    • Records can be updated by service providers or by designated local VOAD information coordinators to ensure maximum flexibility in maintaining timely and accurate information.
    • Replaces local resource directories in Word, Excel, or other formats that can be hard to maintain and difficult to share when needed.
  • Agency Disaster Status Reports. Enables VOAD member organizations to quickly provide essential information about services provided, number of clients served, and unmet community needs.
    • Summary reports give VOAD representatives and emergency managers a comprehensive view of disaster response and recovery activities.
    • Enables more efficient coordination of activities to optimize the delivery of services throughout the area.
    • Based on disaster status reporting procedures developed collaboratively with VOAD representatives from throughout California. Download them here.
  • Resource Request Tracking System. Enables VOAD member organizations to request additional resources to meet shortfalls.
    • Web-based messaging tools enable organizations, VOAD representatives, and emergency managers to track requests, secure resources, and communicate about issues until needs are met.
    • In large-scale disasters, local VOAD representatives can contact nearby VOADs and state-level VOAD representatives to supplement local resources in order to keep services flowing.


The CAL VOAD IMS makes it easy for service providers, VOAD representatives, and emergency managers to share timely and accurate information before, during, and after disasters—a critical ingredient to successful response and recovery efforts.

  • Data security protocols ensure that the information is protected and only shared with appropriate users.
  • Online access enables users to update records and access information at any time from any computer.
  • Automated backups ensure data will always be available even if local records are lost or inaccessible.

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