Due to its size and  geography, California is home to two regional VOADs and numerous county VOADs.

NorCal VOAD  is an association of organizations and their government partners that provide disaster-related services to residents throughout the 48 northernmost counties in the state. It also serves as a convening body for local VOADs  in the  region.


SoCal VOAD  is an association of local VOADs in the ten southern-most counties in the state. If you are interested in joining a VOAD in this region, contact the VOAD leadership listed below for your operational area.


State-level Contacts

Local Contacts

Click here to display a list of VOAD contacts throughout Northern California. 

Email: socalifvoad@gmail.com to be connected with 
a local VOAD in Southern California

Outside California

Click here to find VOAD contacts in the rest of the country.