California VOAD Communications Project
Grant Documents

Phase 1 Grant Application

On January 17, 2012, CaliforniaVolunteers awarded Lutheran Social Services of Northern California  (LSS) a grant to support the development of a statewide VOAD communications sytem. Links to key project documents are listed below. For a quick project overview, see the Revised Statement of Work .

Phase 1 Deliverables

This project produced the deliverables (work products) listed below. These documents will be rolled out to local VOAD associations in the second half of 2012.

Description Documents Date
1 Protocols and procedures for the association to provide information to CaliforniaVolunteers regarding member agencies’ activities in disaster events in both response and recovery operations. The first and second deliverables were integrated into a single set of procedures and forms . 4/25/2012
2 Detailed strategies and procedures for increased inter-organizational coordination and reporting in times of disaster between association members and other entities, including Cal EMA and other stakeholders.
3 State VOAD web pages to increase member collaboration, communication, and the sharing of best practices.   This website Current.
4 A work plan for a web-based Collaborative Disaster Resource Directory that will catalog members’ assets, serve as a mutual aid tool for use during catastrophic events or events that cross county lines, and identify procedures for listed organizations to request mutual aid and track allocation of resources.  CDRD Work Plan
(a)  Narrative plan  (PDF)
(b)  Task schedule  (online)

Phase 2  Grant Application

On April 9, 2012, CaliforniaVolunteers awarded LSS a grant to support Phase 2 of the project. This phase will implement the  deliverables developed during the first phase. Key project documents include: