California VOAD Information Management System 01/24/2020
Practice Version
The California VOAD Information Management System is an easy-to-use set of tools that service providers, VOADs, and emergency managers can use to improve the delivery of services to people who have been affected by disasters.

This practice version includes information about both actual organizations and made-up organizations. All of the users are fictitious, except for VOAD contacts.

Feel free to add and modify records as desired. Please do not delete records that you have not created.

Use only the credentials listed below to sign into this system. If you are unable to sign in using these credentials, please try again later as there may be too many people currently signed-in with these credentials.
User Category User Name Password
Agency Representative agencyrep agenrep1
Local VOAD Coordinator localvoad lvoad1
Local Emergency Manager localemgr lemgr1
State-level VOAD Coordinator statevoad svoad1
State-level Emergency Manager stateemgr semgr1

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