California VOAD Information Management System 01/24/2020
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To become a registered user of the California VOAD Information Management System, enter your information on all four tabs below and then click the Submit button. You will receive an email message with your login credentials when your registration has been approved.

For more information, contact your local or regional California VOAD association.

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To select the organization with which you are affiliated, first use this field to select a California county in which it provides services. If your organization provides services in multiple counties, you may select any of those counties.
First, select a California county in which your organization provides services. Then use this field select the service provider or government agency with which you are affiliated. If you are not affiliated with a service provider or government agency (for example if you work for a VOAD), leave this field blank.

If you work for a service provider or government agency that is not listed:
  • Click the Add New Organization button below and submit a new record for the organization.
  • Do not use this function to add a local VOAD. You can select your VOAD on the next tab,  2. Your VOAD  .
  • When you return to this page, click the Refresh button below and select the organization from this drop-down list.
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