Agency Disaster Status Reporting

One of the most critical needs after a disaster is for timely and accurate information. Service providers and emergency managers need current information about:

  • Services being provided. What services are being provided, what organizations are providing them, where are they being delivered, and how many clients are being served?
  • Resource shortfalls. What resources do service organizations require in order to meet the community’s needs?
  • Unmet community needs. What are the most urgent needs among the people in an area affected by a disaster?

An Agency Disaster Status Reporting System has been developed that enables local VOADs to quickly gather this critical information from their member agencies and share it with designated decision-makers in the operational area. The goal is to enable increased coordination in disaster response and recovery operations between VOAD member organizations and their government partners, including local emergency managers, Cal EMA, CaliforniaVolunteers, and FEMA.

The centerpiece of this project consists of Agency Disaster Status Report Forms and associated procedures. To download these documents, click each of the following links:

Each time a VOAD is activated in response to a disaster, the Chair of the VOAD Executive Committee (or designated representative) should promptly distribute these forms  to every member organization engaged in the response and recovery effort.  The forms can be completed electronically and returned to the Chair by email, or they can be printed, completed by hand, and returned by fax or even verbally over the telephone.

Interactive Online Forms

*currently unavailable* The Agency Disaster Status Reporting System will be integrated into the California VOAD Information Management System (Cal VOAD IMS), was launched in April, 2013 but is currently unavailable.

Project Sponsorship and Funding

Lutheran Social Services of Northern California is the fiscal sponsor of this project, which is supported by a grant from CaliforniaVolunteers with funds provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Grant # 2009-0019, Cal EMA ID 000-92297.