Disaster Cost Reimbursement for Private Non Profits 

This page is dedicated to helping VOAD and member organizations understand the requirements for participating in the State’s PNP program and understanding the application process. And passing along information from NorCal VOADs recent Regional Forum on this topic.  Research, outreach and preparation of these materials are made possible by a generous grant to NorCal VOAD from The San Francisco Foundation.

The State of California’s Private Nonprofit Organizations Assistance Program allows eligible Private Nonprofits (PNP) or an Intermediary PNP applicant to be reimbursed for their extraordinary costs incurred while providing assistance at the request of local agencies during a state disaster event.

If you have questions about this program or if there has been a disaster and you are considering applying, please contact the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for the most up to date information.

For a general overview on the program, review or download the complete powerpoint from the January 2016 Regional Forum in PDF or Powerpoint.  The powerpoint includes more about different aspects of the PNP Program, including essentials services, extraordinary costs and intermediary PNP.

The Application Process:  

Your first step is to contact California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Here are visuals to help understand the gates that must be opened to apply for disaster cost reimbursement under the State’s PNP program and the application timeline. (Click images to enlarge)

Gates JPEGtimeline

There are 4 forms that have to be completed in the application process – please check with California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for the most up to date information.

  • Authorized Agent Resolution (can be completed in advance of disaster or with application)
    • Essential for identifying who is eligible to apply on your organization’s behalf
    • Can and should be submitted along with PNP Application Form
    • Instructions are in separate document
  • Payee Data Record (can be completed in advance of disaster or with application)
    • Can be submitted later if necessary
    • Can and should be submitted with the Authorized Agent and PNP Application Form
    • Required when receiving payment from the State
    • Instructions are attached to form
  • Application Form
    • Most critical of all forms
    • It initiates the claim process
    • Must be submitted within 60 days after date of Governor’s Emergency Proclamation
    • No forgiveness if you miss the date
    • Send to Public Assistance Program, Cal OES
  • Activities Claim Form/Cost Project Worksheet
    • Must be submitted within 60 days after COMPLETION of all eligible activities
    • PNP Cost Worksheet is on reverse side of form
    • NOTE: If a PNP can demonstrate financial hardship from sustained operations, Cal OES may authorize interim payments

Additional Required Documentation:

  • For Individual private nonprofits:
    • Written documentation of local jurisdiction request
    • Proof of nonprofit status
  • For Intermediary private nonprofits:
    • MOU between county and Intermediary PNP
    • MOU between Intermediary PNP and coordinated PNPs (if providing fiscal coordination)
    • Proof of nonprofit status

Once an submitted your application, here are the sequence of steps to approval:

Steps JPEG

Case Studies and Sample MOUs: 

Operation OC and Sonoma 2-1-1 are two organizations that have requested reimbursement.  Read their case stories including the request from local government, the resources they provided, the application process and their outcome.  A key to the application process is to have an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place with the requesting local government agency and the non profit organization.

The Considerations for Development of Government-PNP Agreements describes the key points of an effective MOU.  The City of Oakland has also provided a sample letter of intent.

Additional Resources:

A table top exercise was also developed with the following objectives:

  1. To reinforce participants understanding of PNP Assistance Program requirements and process
  2. To help participants see how the PNP Assistance Program could apply in their county
  3. To help participants identify next steps for their county

Download the table top scenario, group questions and county planning workshop.

For a summary of the January 2016 Regional Forum download the complete  in PDF or Powerpoint.

For more information:

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Technical Assistance Program may be available to give presentations to large groups and provide program information to local VOADs to better understand the program.  If you have questions, contact Dayna Herald Dayna.Herald@caloes.ca.gov or John Melendez john.melendez@caloes.ca.gov

The Cal OES Presentation on PNP Program from NorCal VOAD’s Regional Forum can be viewed in the link above. An updated version of the PNP presentation (July 2016) can be viewed here.

Disclaimer:  Please note the information above is for general informational purposes.  This website is maintained by volunteers and may not be updated to reflect changes to the program.  If you have questions about this program or are considering applying, please contact the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for the most up to date information.